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As the founder and former owner of Maison la Belle Vie Winery, I am indeed passionate about creating memorable experiences for wine enthusiasts. The relationships I’ve forged with winemakers and staff members in Grand Valley have been invaluable, allowing me to curate personalized tours that blend education, fun, enjoyment, and safety.

Palisade Vehicle Adventures:

Picture a Hyundai Palisade Vehicle gliding through picturesque vineyards, whisking guests away on a wine adventure. With water and food provision that you can enjoy by ordering ahead of time.

Cooking Demos Amidst Scenic Vistas:

During our tours, we offer delightful cooking demonstrations. Imagine crafting a delectable fruit tart right there amidst the vines. The aroma of fresh ingredients mingles with the earthy scent of grapes, creating a sensory symphony that pairs beautifully with wine tasting.

*Call for more retails about cooking demo

Picnics by the River:

Serenity awaits as we set up picnics and enjoy lunch in a vineyard or by the river, whichever you prefer. The gentle flow of water, rustling leaves, and the clinking of glasses—all harmonize to create memories that linger long after the last sip. It’s a moment to savor life’s simple pleasures.
*Call for more retails about picnic

International Escapes:

Our offerings extend beyond local vineyards. In France and Portugal, we craft customized itineraries that blend wine tours, cooking classes, and authentic local experiences. Insights from locals add an extra layer of authenticity, turning each day into a treasure trove of discovery.

French Statue and Scenery

Tour Details

John Barbier

About Your Tour Guide

I have spent a lot of time working in the Grand Valley wineries and distilleries and have established special relationship with all the wine maker and staff members since I was the founder and owner of Maison la belle vie winery for nearly 19 years. Not only will I give you a wonderful tour that will be educational, but also make sure you have a wonderful time and memorable enjoyment with your friends or family.

You will be driven around in a Palisade vehicle and I always make sure you have water and food to make a great trip and  safe. 

Food can be available per reservation just like cooking demo!! How fun could it be to make a fruit tart or others to enjoy midway of our trip!

We also offer trips in France and Portugal, we have great itinerary that will customized to your group with wine tours, cooking classes and visiting places that locals know best. A trip that you will remember a lifetime.  

Contact Info

If you have any questions about our tours please feel free to contact me.

Also available wine tours in the west elk area, south of Grand Junction, CO 

The Grand Mesa, the Colorado National Monuments are also available to visit with us.

Charter service also available to take you to your events.

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